Le double LP "Feedback Works 1969 - 1970" d'Eliane Radigue chez Alga Marghen est sorti !

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Après quelques longues années d'archivage patient, de transfert chez Lionel Marchetti et de mixage de ses sons d'installation des annéees fin soixante d'Eliane Radigue, Emmanuel Holterbach et Alga Marghen ont le plaisir et l'honneur de publier cinq synthèses stéréophoniques de ces pièces qui sinon seraient restées dans l'obscurité et l'oubli. Entièrement composé de feedback, ces compositions touchent primitivement au sublime !

l'édition est superbe, gatefold double vinyl, livret anglophone 16 pages magnifiquement illustré.




On en dit de très belles choses chez Boomkat :


**Deluxe double vinyl, Gatefold edition of 400 copies for the world with 16page booklet of notes, interview and photos** Gosh this is just something else.

Alga Marghen present these astonishing archival works by Eliane Radigue, not heard since their installation use at the turn of the '70s and now pressed to vinyl for the first time ever. Listening to Radigue's music is a transformative, humbling experience. Her singular sound is best described by Michel Chion as "infinitely discreet… next to which all other music seems to be tugging at one's sleeve for attention." Working since the late '50s under the tutelage of Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry at RTF's Studio d'essai - the birthplace of musique concrète - she created a body of work whose profound simplicity has only begun to be widely appreciated over the last decade or so. Preferring to work at night - once her children were asleep - her compositions were created using tones derived from an ARP 2500 synthesizer and manipulated on multiple tape machines, creating feedback loops and altering their pitch and duration to coax out quavering microtonal harmonics and ultrasound frequencies not usually perceived at their normal setting. As practically anyone who knows (and probably adores) her music will testify, there's really very little else out there that compares to the elemental tranquility and hallucinatory effect of her works. This album rescues three pieces from original tapes which have lined the walls of her flat in Paris for over 40 years: proposed for the 1970 Osaka Fair, 'Stress-Osaka' (1969) is beautiful and terrifying at once, sounding either like a 1000 strong squadron of B-52's heard from miles away, or a mouth-bound choir humming in unison, somehow subliminally joined by shrill gull-like hi-end repetition; the spectral beauty 'Usral' (1969) was employed for a kinetic sculpture by Marc Halpern, it's title "…a phonetic compression of ultrasounds slowed-down (ultra-sons ralentis in French)" reflecting the use of slowed-down Larsen effects from overlapping tapes to obtain her signature "progressive a-synchronized shifting"; the systolic suspension of 'Omnht' (1970) (one more night) is twenty minutes of slowly encroaching black bass mass and isolated, glassy highs, originally played from behind false dividing walls at a gallery instal and now leaving us for six. Add to this a further LP with new versions of 'Vice - Versa. Etc…' (1970) - which have been recently stereo synthesised by Emmanuel Holterbach, and you have a breathtaking document of some of the most intense and affacting early electronic works you'll likely ever hear.

An absolute masterpiece.


disponible chez Metamkine, Forced Exposure, Soundhom, etc... à ne rater sous aucun pretexte !

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