manu holterbach & michael northam au KRAAK à louvain (belgique) le 29 mars

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Manu Holterbach & Michael Northam live


Holterbach and Northam met on a crossing country skiing trip near Grenoble, France in 2001. Since this time they have continued a friendly dialogue that intertwined their mutual obsessions — collecting obscure music, researching sound-traditions from around the world, observing everyday natural phenomena and the application all of these explorations towards the creation of their own suspended music. After nearly ten years of exchange, they are meeting in the spring of 2010 to realize their first performances together. During these performances, both Holterbach and Northam take a ‘hands-on’ approach—creating a live, immediate music using only simple resonate objects, traditional instruments, pure tones, field recordings and basic processing. An approach that enables them to explore immediate surface tensions and fragile micro-tonal clusters in real time and in context of the live situation.

The performance will be an assemblage of their individual techniques—shifting easily between solos and duets. Holterbach’s delicate layering of lacework tonalities from guitar, oscillators and distant sounds one on top of the other quietly forming crystalline sonic structures. Northam’s ‘actionistic’ approach evoking animistic textures, breath and tones generated from flute and voice.  A pendulum arching between two universes, bringing the listener through a kind of loom—weaving rich tapestries of sound.

Toshiya Tsunoda live


click here for some samples of this amazing artist. we are proud to finally be able to welcome him here in Leuven.

a fan made a myspace profile here where you can listen to some tracks


* Mieke Lambrigts


Soundartist Mieke Lambrigts works with subtle manipulated recordings and sound-generators. The decoding and recycling of every day sounds form the starting-point for the manipulation and orchestration of recordings.


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