Tonton Macoute LP "Mureedil" on Les Productions Fluorescentes - fluor001 : OUT NOW !!

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Tonton Macoute is a french band formed in 2006.


With a stock of cheap instruments, the trio wanted to find a dense, subtle and massive sound, in order to create motorik soundscapes, electric hypnosis and timeless storms.


Etienne Coussirat : guitar, keyboards, drums, percussions, etc.
Emmanuel Holterbach : guitar, tapes, analog synth, etc.
Jacques Masson : guitar, bass, organ, etc.


The "Mureedil" LP is the first record released by Les Productions Fluorescentes with help from Emanuele Carcano (Alga Marghen)


Recorded from February to June 2006
Edited, mixed and mastered at Studio Fluorescent, Lyon, France from August to November 2007


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